Meter external outputs

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The smart-me Meters have one or more outputs which can be used as a pulse output or as a potential-free contact. Ex works, these outputs are defined as pulse outputs.

Configuration as a potential-free contact

If the output is defined as a potential-free contact, many devices can be controlled on the smart-me cloud. The control can be done manually (on/off) or automatically (via events and actions).

Digitaler Ausgang
  1. Login to the smart-me website or to the smart-me App:
  2. Select a counter and click on "edit"
  3. Under "outputs" select the desired output and configure the output as "digital output"
    • You can give the output a name
    • Now, you can define an action to be executed when the counter loses the connection to the smart-me cloud

Anschluss Zeichnung 1 Phasen Meter
Anschluss Zeichnung 3 Phasen Meter

Technical data

The potential-free contact should be used with 24Vdc or 230Vac. The limits of those outputs are the following

Umax 350V (at I 50uA)
Imax 120mA
Pmax 550mW (permanent)