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(Technical Details)
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[https://smart-me.com/stuff/pdf/smart-me_MBus_Gateway_datasheet_22.06.2015_de.pdf Datasheet]
[https://smart-me.com/stuff/pdf/smart-me_MBus_Gateway_datasheet_22.06.2015_de.pdf Datasheet]
== dimensions and wiring ==
[[Datei:Massbild Gateway.odt.png|links]]    [[Datei:Anschluss Gateway.png|zentriert]]

Version vom 3. Juli 2017, 12:56 Uhr

The smart-me M-BUS Gateway allows M-BUS meters to connect directly to the smart-me Cloud. Through its integrated Wi-Fi connection no additional hardware is needed. The smart-me M-BUS Gateway makes use of the existing Wi-Fi network and automatically uploads the meter data of the different meters (electricity, water, heat, gas and temperature) into the smart-me Cloud.

An incredible solution to make energy intelligent.


  • M-BUS Gateway to the smart-me Cloud
  • Integrated level converter for 50 M-BUS meters
  • Integrated power adapter
  • Supports all M-Bus devices according EN13757-2, -3 (formerly EN1434-3)
  • Direct (encoded) Wi-Fi connection to the smart-me Cloud
  • Easy setup with smartphone or tablet
  • Integrated Data logger for 6000 telegrams (in case of connection failures)
  • Automatic Sync (in case of connection failures)
  • Energy data management, billing , alarms, etc. on smart-me.com


Technical Details

  • Operating Voltage: 100 - 240 VAC
  • Number of M-BUS slaves: 50 standard loads
  • M-BUS baud rate: 300, 2400, 9600 (Automatic search and detection)
  • Assembly: DIN-Rail
  • Width: 2 Modules, 36 x 90 mm
  • Interfaces: M-BUS, Wi-Fi
  • Data logger: 6000 Telegrams
  • Firmware update: Online
  • Galvanic seperation: Yes
  • Temperature range: 0 – 55°C
  • Installation / Configuration: smart-me App (Android/iOS)


dimensions and wiring

Massbild Gateway.odt.png
Anschluss Gateway.png