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Create an If-That-Action

At the moment is only possible to create/configure If-Then-Actions on the smart-me website. It's possible to create as many Actions as you want because they are saved on the smart-me Cloud. The smart-me devices require a Wi-Fi/internet connection to trigger the Actions/to evaluate the measured data and if desired, to toggle the power of the devices (only possible with the smart-me Plug/Meter 32A)

In order to create such an Action,

  • login to your account with your username and password on https://smart-me.com/
  • click on top on configurations
  • click on the tile "If-That Action"
  • click on the + icon to create a new action or click on an existing one to edit it.

In order to get a functioning If-That Action 3 settings should be done

  • Set at least one If-Event (The If-Event will trigger the Action)
    • If various If-Events are defined, then all of them have to occur to trigger the Action(s). (AND operator)
  • Set at least one That-Action
    • If various "That-Actions" are defined, then all of them will be triggered simultaneously as soon as the If-requirement(s) is/are satisfied
  • Name the Action



The following If-Actions are available:


Measured Value higher / lower

The following settings need to be done:

  • Name the If-Action
  • It needs to be defined, which device should be monitored (It's possible to choose folders. If you choose a folder then the average value of all meters would be monitored in this particular folder)
  • Type: Exceed a threshold or fall below a threshold: Should the Action be triggered if the measured value is higher or lower than the threshold?
  • Type of Energy
    • Electricity
    • Water
    • Heat
    • Gas
    • Temperature
  • Minimum time: How long does the threshold have to be exceeded or fallen below


For example:

If the measured power of the fridge is too low, an Action will be triggered (e.g. send alarm/email)


Date and Time

The following settings need to be done:

  • Is it a "single event" or a timespan?
  • When does the event occur?
    • Every hour
    • Every day
    • Every month
    • Every year


No Connection

When a meter is disconnected from the cloud for a certain period of time (e.g. problem to connect to the Wi-Fi/internet)

The following settings need to be done:

  • Which meter should be monitored?
  • How long does the connection need to be interrupted till the condition is fulfilled?


Meter Stuck

When the measured value hasn't changed for a certain time. (defective meter or problem with the Wi-Fi/internet connection)

The following settings need to be done:

  • Which meter should be monitored?
  • How long does the meter need to be stuck till the condition is fulfilled?


"That" Action

As soon as all If-Events have occured, the That-Actions will be triggered

The following That-Actions are available:

  • Alarm
  • Switch on/off



If the If-Events have occured, an email will be sent

The following settings need to be done:

  • The name of the alarm has to be defined
  • The type of alarm has to be defined (At the moment we only support the option email)
  • Subject: This will be the subject of the sending email
  • Message: This is the text, which will be in the alarm email

It's possible to define placeholders in the subject of the email and in the message. AlarmName and EventActionName will be replaced through the entered alarm name resp. the If-That-Event name in the sending email.


Switch on / off

If the If-Events have occured, one of the smart-me devices will switch. It's also possible to choose folders i.e. all switchable smart-me devices (Plug und 32A Meter) in the respective folder would switch.

The following settings need to be done:

  • Which meter or folder should be switched?
  • How should it be switched?
    • On
    • Off
    • Toggle