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General Information

Where can I change my login password?

In order to change your login password go to smart-me.com and log into your existing account. Click on your username on the top left corner and choose "Settings". Click on "Change password" for the "Web user".

How can I group devices?

In order to group devices (e.g. to switch on/off several devices at once) go to smart-me.com and log in with your username. In the menu, click on "Configuration" and then on "Meter Configuration". Now you can start to create folders and subfolders. To add a device into a folder, use drag and drop to move the device into the folder.

smart-me Devices

Which Wi-Fi standards are supported?

smart-me devices support 802.11 b/g/n with 2.4 GHz. 5 GHz are not supported.

What Ports have to be open?

smart-me devices only need the Port 80 UDT & TCP. (This Port is also needed to surf the internet)

How accurate are the measurements of smart-me devices?

We guarantee a maximum fault of 1% over the whole measuring range (0.1 - 3680 W). In order to guarantee the highest accuracy, each device is calibrated during production.

Are the settings and the meter readings saved in case of an electricity cut?

Yes, the devices save all settings and data in case of an electricity cut for up to two months (the Gateway saves up to 6000 readings). As soon as the electricity returns, the devices will reconnect to the Wi-Fi, transfer the data to the cloud and continue working as previously.

Can I use my devices with multiple Wi-Fi networks?

Yes, smart-me devices save up to six different Wi-Fi networks. You have to install each network on your device. The device will then always connect to the network with the best connection.

Can I reset the meter reading back to zero?

No, we do not support this function.

Where do I find the MAC address of my smart-me device?

To find the MAC address of your device, you have to connect to it first and then go to its «Webseite»

  • Press the button of the device for ten seconds.
  • The LED of the device will flash alternatingly orange and green.
  • Connect to the WLAN of the smart-me device using a laptop, tablet or desktop computer.
  • the name of the WLAN Network will be smart-me_xxxxxx (xxxxxx is the serial number of your smart-me device)
  • Open the browser of your computer and go to the site

Please have a look at this example: MacAdresse.jpg

My data isn’t uploaded, what can I do?

  • Port 21 must open. If you use a firewall, make sure to unlock port 21.


Is the connection to the cloud safe?

Besides the encryption of the Wi-Fi connection, every connection from and to a smart-me device has an additional encryption. For highest security every device has its own encryption key.

Where is the Wi-Fi password stored?

The Wi-Fi password is only stored on the smart-me device.