Connection problems

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Here you habe a few tipps, in case you have problems with the instalation prossess of a smart-me device

  • First a few general information for the causes for such a problem
    • A 5Ghz network is used instead of a 2.4 GHz. -> Make sure a 2.4Ghz network is used. Most routers that offer a 5GHz network offer also a 2,4GHz Network
    • No internet connection -> Check if the WiFi network itself has an internet connection
    • Wrong password -> make sure there is no typo, by clicking on show password
    • Problems with WiFi Router -> sometimes a router has problems distributing new IP addresses, just turn the Router off and on again, this normally solves the problem (of course the router has to be in DHCP mode)
  • To check the WiFi Connection itself and the signal strength of it in remote locations, we have made a simple app that can check that for you
  • The firewall is blocking the comunication
    • Please check if the Port 80 UDP is blocked