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(Technical Data)
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*WiFi security standard WEP, WPA, WPA2 (personal)
*WiFi security standard WEP, WPA, WPA2 (personal)
*S0 impulse value      1’000 / 10’000 impulse per kWh
*S0 impulse value      1’000 / 10’000 impulse per kWh
*Data storage          4 months
*Data storage          2 months
*product certification CE
*product certification CE
*protection class      IP20
*protection class      IP20

Version vom 11. März 2017, 12:18 Uhr

The first 3-Phase DIN-rail energy meter with a direct connection to the cloud. The smart-me 3-Phase Meter is a powerful and precise energy meter with an integrated WiFi interface. For the integration to the smart-me cloud, no additional hardware is needed. It uses the existing WiFi network and let manage and evaluate itself from everwhere via internet. This is the easiest way to visualize energy consumption in real time on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Also to analyze the measured data and to optimize the self-consumption. By the connection of three phases, it is possible to equip and monitor all the homes, buildings or commercial areas with low investment costs. Each phase can be controlled individually and can be conditioned to the individual needs of the user.

3pmeter with LCD small.png


  • 3-Phase energy meter
  • Direct measurement up to 80A (not switchable), Direct measurement up to 32A (switchable)
  • Encrypted WiFi connection directly to the smart-me Cloud
  • Real time measured values with highest possible accuracy, accuracy class 1 according to IEC82053-21
  • Remote switch, time switch and switch according to conditions
  • Extensive energy data management, automatic invoicing, management and alarms trough the smart-me Cloud
  • Additional contact outputs for control of external devices
  • The 3-phase meter also works as a Gateway to the Cloud for (almost) all IP-enabled Smart energy devices (e.g. heat pumps, heaters, battery storage and many more).
  • Easy Installation with the free smart-me App for Android and iOS

2 Versions

  • direct connection 5(80)A
  • direct connection 5(32)A, switchable

Potential-free Output

The smart-me Meter has two outputs which can be used as a pulse output (standard) or as a switchable potential-free contact


Digital Input

The smart-me Meter has a digital input which can be used as a tariff input (standard) or as a digital input.


Technical Data

  • Operating voltage 3 x 85–253 VAC
  • Reference current 5 (80) A / 5 (32) A
  • Max. current 80 A / 32 A (switchable)
  • Network frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Self-consumption < 0.8 W pro Phase
  • Temperature range -40–70°C
  • Measuring range 0.5-18’400 W (80 A) per Phase
  • 0.2-7360 W (32 A) per Phase
  • Accuracy 1 gemäss IEC62053-21
  • Meter type bidirectional meter (purchase and delivery)
  • Measured values active energy(kWh), active power (kW), current(A), voltage (V), power factor (cosphi), switch status, in- and output status
  • Tariffs 2+
  • Interfaces WiFi, S0 / potential-free contact-outputs, tariff-input (24-253 V AC/DC), SG Ready, smart-me All IP
  • WiFi Standard 802.11 b/g/n
  • WiFi security standard WEP, WPA, WPA2 (personal)
  • S0 impulse value 1’000 / 10’000 impulse per kWh
  • Data storage 2 months
  • product certification CE
  • protection class IP20
  • wide 5 module, 90 x 90 mm
  • Installation DIN rail

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