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smart-me washroom app

smart-me washroom is an app for the washroom. It allows to unlock washing machines and to invoice the energy consumption directly to the customer. The activation happens through a NFC card.


The following things are necessary to run smart-me washroom:


  • Android Tablet with NFC
  • NFC card
  • smart-me Meter or smart-me Plug
    For every device (e.g. washing machine), which you want to unlock or to invoice, you will need to have a smart-me Meter (switchable) or a smart-me Plug.
  • Wi-Fi network


  • smart-me washroom app


Install and connect the devices, which you want to have unlocked directly with the smart-me Meter. Connect the smart-me Meter with your Wi-Fi network and the smart-me app.


When the installations of the devices are done, you need to configure the following things:

  • enable smart-me Meter for Virtual Metering
  • create a smart-me user

Enable a smart-me Meter

In order to use a smart-me Meter and the connected device, you need to first enable the Meter. Please proceed as follows:

  1. Log into the smart-me website:
  2. Click on the top right corner on "Configure"
  3. Choose Meter Configuration
  4. Choose your favoured meter and click "Edit"
  5. Activate the option "Available for Virtual Meter"

create a smart-me user

smart-me washroom creates per meter and user a virtual meter. The measured energy consumption per user will be directly assigned to the user's virtual meter. Please proceed as follows:

  1. Create all smart-me users
  2. Create a node per user (e.g. apartment 1)
  3. Assign each user a node