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smart-me for kamstrup omnipower

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smart-me Kamstrup Modul

smart-me module for the customer interface of the kamstrup omnipower meter

With the smart-me kamstrup module, your meter is integrated directly to the cloud. Analyze and monitor your meter when- and wherever you want. There is no additional hardware needed. The smart-me kamstrup module uses the existing Wi-Fi network and connects directly to the smart-me Cloud. So you can see your energy consumption in real time on the smartphone, tablet or computer.


  • Real-time visualization of the performance, meter reading, voltage and current (in the app and on the web)
  • Easy Installation
  • Various charts and reports
  • Online firmware update
  • Integrated data logger for 1 month
  • Usable as a sensor to control devices
  • Email alerts
  • Full functionality of the smart-me cloud (evaluations, control of devices, invoicing)

You find the datasheet for the smart-me kamstrup module here: Datasheet

Kamstrup with meter.png