Kamstrup Module

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smart-me for Kamstrup Omnipower

smart-me Kamstrup Modul

Extension to the Kamstrup energy meter

The smart-me module integrates the Kamstrup energy meter into the smart-me cloud. No additional hardware is needed. The module uses the existing Wi-Fi network and connects directly with the smart-me cloud. This is the easiest option to analyse and optimise the consumption of energy with the help of a smartphone, a tablet or a computer in real time.


  • Real time visualisation of electricity consumption, accumulated meter reading (purchase and supply), various electricity rates, voltage and current through the web login and in the app
  • Automatic storage of meter readings in the cloud
  • Storage and automatic synchronisation of measurement data in case of connection failures to the cloud
  • Encrypted Wi-Fi connection directly to the smart-me cloud
  • The smart-me cloud enables extensive energy data management, automatic invoicing, remote controlling and alarms
  • Easy installation using the free smart-me app available for Android and iOS

Kamstrup with meter.png