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Short description

Each smart-me device in your account can be used to automatically control energy flows. There are countless possibilities to define IF-THEN or Event-related Actions. Listed here are a few examples of the many applications:

  • Safety measures: Automatic and remote light control
  • Comfort: The heater turns on as soon as the temperature falls below a temperature of your chooice
  • Energy saving: Control heat pumps, EV-charging stations, boilers, etc. automatically and cost-efficient depending on the amount of available solar power or current energy tariff.

There are two options to automatically control energy flows.

  • Event-related Actions are independent from an internet connection but are limited to the Plug, Single Phase Meter, and 3-Phase Meter. Moreover, the complexity of the Event-related Actions is restricted.
  • IF-THEN Actions provide a wider range of possibilities. However, they are dependent on an internet connection.

Event-related actions

The Event-related Actions do not depend on a Wifi connection. Up to 16 Event-related Actions can be saved on the Plug, 3-Phase Meter and Single Phase Meter. They can be created in the smart-me app or on the smart-me website (Log in area). Event-related actions are caused by a single event (trigger). Possible triggers for Event-related Actions are:

  • Temperature below/above x
  • Power lower/higher than x
  • Time
  • Only for the Plug: Push of the button

Possible actions:

  • Alarm message (email)

More actions are possible using the Plug, Single Phase Meter, and 3-Phase Meter:

  • Switch on/off current of the device itself or a different device

IF-THEN Actions

IF-THEN Action are available for users with a Pro or Limited Subscription. An unlimited number of IF-THEN Actions can be defined. Since the IF-THEN Actions are saved on the Cloud, the device needs to have a working WiFi connection. All smart-me devices can be controlled with IF-THEN Actions.

  • IF-THEN Actions can only be defined on the smart-me website
  • Multiple triggers can be defined and linked to each other
  • More than one action can be defined
  • A group of meters can be controlled
  • Connection monitoring
  • Monitoring of a meter stop